The Prime Minister Commits to In – Out EU Referendum

The Prime Minister Commits to In – Out EU Referendum
Campaigning for a EU Referendum at last year’s Conservative Party Conference

Today’s speech by the Prime Minister was truly historic and marks a watershed in Britain’s relationship with Europe. The British people will be given a say on whether they wish to remain in the EU. I was not alive when Britain last voted on Europe and only those who are at least 55 today had a say when the country was last given a vote in 1975.

The vast majority of the public are thoroughly unhappy with our present relationship with Europe. A Conservative Government would renegotiate a new relationship with EU and put it to the people to decide whether we remain in or leave.

This is a chance to fundamentally change not just our relationship with Europe but hopefully Europe itself, a chance to regain control of our borders and to restore law making powers to this country and most importantly a chance for the British people to decide. 

I am very proud of the Prime Minister today and courage he has shown. The dividing line with Labour is clear. Labour will refuse the people a say. It is therefore imperative that the Conservatives win in 2015.

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Jeremy fought the Test seat at the 2010 and 2015 General Elections. Jeremy grew up locally and went to school in Highfield and Shirley and attended Richard Taunton’s college. He served as a Southampton City Councillor between 2002 and 2018. Jeremy works as a Pensions Manager for FTSE 100 company, Friends Life.

3 Comments on "The Prime Minister Commits to In – Out EU Referendum"

  • David Furnell says

    Which way will you vote.

  • based on our relationship now…OUT

    if we get a new relationship…depends on the deal


  • Dave Furnell says

    I am strongly pro european and our future is as part of Europe so in answer to your question I would vote to stay in the EU.

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