Labour Plans to Scrap the Weekly Bin Collections

Labour Plans to Scrap the Weekly Bin Collections
Cllr Michael Ball, the Conservative Candidate for Freemantle promises to protect the weekly bin collections & to work to raise recycling

The front page of today’s Southern Daily Echo features plans by Southampton’s Labour group to scrap weekly bin collections if they win the local elections in May.

I have long campaigned to keep the weekly collections in Southampton and as a Freemantle Ward councillor I know they are essential to many of the residents I represent. Bi Weekly collections have been implemented in some parts of the country but in cities like Southampton and areas like Freemantle it simply wouldn’t work. Many of my constituents live in terraced housing with very small front gardens. Often the wheelie bins are stored just outside the front door and the prospect of having the bins left there stinking for 2 weeks does not bear thinking about.

After seeing the effects of the Labour backed bin strikes last summer, the last thing we want next is cuts to our bin collection services. It also seems like a kick in the teeth from Labour; first encouraging the bin strikes and now proposing that 1 in 10 bin men be axed.
Locally the Conservatives are committed to the weekly collections and we have submitted a bid to government to look at new ways to improve the waste collection service. If successful this bid will mean we will have the funds to introduce a new door step collection of glass.
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Jeremy fought the Test seat at the 2010 and 2015 General Elections. Jeremy grew up locally and went to school in Highfield and Shirley and attended Richard Taunton’s college. He served as a Southampton City Councillor between 2002 and 2018. Jeremy works as a Pensions Manager for FTSE 100 company, Friends Life.

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