Firing the Starting Gun For My Election Campaign!

Firing the Starting Gun For My Election Campaign!

Dozens of Conservative supporters met on Saturday to officially launch my campaign to become the next MP for Southampton Test.

New Forest West MP and Minister for International Development, Desmond Swayne, joined me for the campaign launch which marked 6 months until the General Election.

At the last election people trusted us on the economy and we have shown we can deliver; we have started to started to fix the damage done by Gordon Brown, growing the economy, cutting the deficit, creating 2m new jobs. But the job is only half done and we will need the country to trust us to complete the job and secure the recovery. As a local MP I want people to trust me to stand up for Southampton, to fight for the interests of local people and to do what I say, and judge me on my record as a councillor for the past 13 years where I have always sought to do just that.

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