Scrapping City Patrol Would Be a Big Mistake

The City Council is currently consulting on its proposals for next year’s council budget changes. Amongst these is the scrapping of the City Patrol service. I would urge a rethink. City Patrol do a huge amount of good work – dealing with matters like fly tipping, illegal car sales, dog fouling and littering. I use the service frequently in dealing with issues in Freemantle Ward.  At the last Full Council meeting I asked how many matters they have dealt with in the last 2 years – the answer was 3,500! Scrapping this service will be a false economy; it will mean a more untidy city, more complaints to the council and a signal to those that behave irresponsibly and in some cases criminally that they can get away with it.

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Jeremy fought the Test seat at the 2010 General Election, where he slashed the Labour majority. Jeremy grew up locally and went to school in Highfield and Shirley and attended Richard Taunton’s college. He is now in his 13th year as a Southampton City Councillor and was recently re-elected for a 4th term for Freemantle Ward. Jeremy works as a Pensions Manager for FTSE 100 company, Friends Life.

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